7 Things To Do To Get The Most Out Of Your Sunrooms in Bell County, TX

sunrooms6 150x150Many people are now looking into the option of installing in their homes, only to pause and think that they don’t really have a use for that extra room. Sure, there are plenty of ways that having a sunroom in your home can improve the quality of your life, as well as your property value, but to get the most out of installed sunrooms, you have to work at it a bit. This guide will tell you how to make sunrooms more inviting, more useful, and worth more than ever before!

・    Make it a place to relax. Because of the ample that sunrooms offer, they are they ultimate “chill out” room in a house. Add some comfortable, cozy furniture, and make an effort to keep the area from being cramped. Wide open spaces, comfortable materials, and plenty of and fresh air will make almost anyone relax.

・    Clear a small space for a “mud room.” If your guests are going to be coming into your home via the sunroom, it’s a good idea to install a coat rack in the sunroom, and to allocate a shoe storage location in the room as well.

・    Buy a couple of scented candles to make your sunroom more inviting. Believe it or not, lighting can sometimes be an issue with sunrooms, especially during the night. Adding one or two candles can give it a high class ambiance that will also help your sunroom smell delightful.

・    Keep the of your sunroom clean and insulated. Sunrooms are not going to be worth much if they don’t look good, or if they are obviously rickety. Don’t be one of the people who turns an asset into a liability – keep your sunroom in working order.

・    Decorate the exterior of the sunrooms as well. During the winter, nothing is more beautiful than sunrooms that have festive lights highlighting the framing of the room. It will make everyone say “Wow!”

・    Always open a window or two to let fresh air inside. Sunrooms are great for getting that right amount of fresh air, and it can really be uplifting to be able to experience a morning breeze in a sunroom. Why not open up a window and enjoy it?

・    Give the room a purpose if you have to. Sometimes, the reason that people choose to get sunrooms is because they need to have a room dedicated to something. Do you need a new computer room? Well, if you have electric plugs in your home, you might be able to find a great new purpose for your sunrooms.

Sunrooms offer a wide variety of different uses for homeowners who want to have a little bit more space in Bell County, TX. They can be as many different things as you can imagine – they can be a mud room, they can be a place of peace and quiet, or they could even be your home office. The only thing that limits sunrooms in their abilities is the limits of your imagination. To learn more about getting your own sunroom, fill out the form above on the right or call us at (254) 721-0835 and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have.

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21 Responses to 7 Things To Do To Get The Most Out Of Your Sunrooms in Bell County, TX

  • Florence

    I wouldn’t mind converting a room in my home into a sun room as long as I can first determine if I a window pane that goes from floor to ceiling would allow enough direct sunlight to come in for a few hours in the day. The reason is so I can use the room as a tanning space where I can enjoy the privacy of bronzing my bare body. I don’t have a patio with such privacy and I don’t want to use tanning beds.

  • Jennifer

    I love the idea of having a sunroom added to my home, we have a backyard that nothing will grow in so I am thinking that a sunroom out the back would take a lot of that space. I think that a relaxation room with lots of sun and fresh air would be great. I was thinking adding a lot of green plants would be nice too, they are supposed to help keep you healthy.

  • Ricky

    I love the smell of the rain in spring. I would be out there all the time when it was raining with a window cracked open. I am really going to have to research these and see what it would take to turn our deck into a sunroom. You have given us a lot of information in your article and I can’t wait to get my sunroom started.

  • Shelly

    I think the best thing about a sunroom would be when it rains, you could go out there and light a candle and just in the rain without getting wet. I love the rain especially in the fall. Imagine it: you wrap up in a blanket with a cup of coffee and light a candle then set and watch it rain in your sunroom. Talk about relaxing.

  • Ricky

    I agree with keeping the windows and such of your sunroom clean. What would be the point of having a sunroom built if you are not going to keep it up. No one is going to want to go out in the sunroom if you have rickety furniture and dirty windows. Like you said keep your sunroom in working order with lots of plants and pretty candles making it inviting.

  • Shannon

    These types of window panes look very modern. I realize you can find windows such as these in some classic early 19th and 20th century houses, but I have seen how various styles of sun rooms can really give a house an ultra modern look. I have seen it decorated in numerous ways in architecture and interior design publications. Usually the remodeling jobs you see in magazines are expensive jobs. So its good that this is being made more affordable.

  • Luke

    I was reading a lifestyle magazine and in it, there was an ad for a high end interior design company that specializes in interior glass walls for offices, night clubs and homes. They provide those fancy opaque glass walls which appear as if the glass is fogged with condensation and which let you see shapes and shadows but not enough to reveal details inside the glass walls. I wonder if Forte Enterprises has options for this type of glass.

  • Harold

    I agree with Florence about the tanning thing, but I don’t have a side in my home that doesn’t face a house. I was reading about that opaque glass though and I was wondering if that would let enough light in to tan by, because like you said you can see shapes but no detail if you catch my drift. Thanks for the ideas everybody this gives me something to research.

  • Angelica

    Where do you get the windows that go from floor to ceiling but still open? If you live in an area that has high winds would it be advisable to have a sunroom? Are these guaranteed not to leak? I would love to have one of these rooms, maybe convert my deck into one that I could make my dining room or breakfast nook. Thanks for the idea, my husband will appreciate it I’m sure.

  • Luella

    Can you get the same effect out of a room that has windows that are only half way down the wall, but still go all the way around the room? I am thinking about just regular house windows that line the wall, would that be the same thing basically? I am trying to think of a cheaper way to get my sunroom is all.

  • Connie

    Just from reading the various inquiries of this blog page, I would venture to say that these types of glass window panes have a wide variety of applications. People seem to have very different reasons and motivations for wanting to convert one of the rooms in their homes into a sun room. Sun rooms also look very stylish and modern. Here is another reason to convert to create a sun room. It can raise the value of your home if you are planning to sell it.

  • Edward

    Your article about sunrooms makes sense for those people in Texas and places like Florida and California because they have pretty nice weather most of the year, but if you live in a place where there is high winds it probably is not the best idea simply because glass is not air tight. I love the pictures that you put on your blog and I would love to have a sunroom someday.

  • Jeanie

    I want a sunroom really bad on the back of my house but I have to find a good contractor first to see if it is possible. One down side is that the back of my house faces directly North so not a lot of sun hits that area, I think I would enjoy it just for the fresh air and setting out there while it is raining. Thank you for the idea.

  • Irene

    T feel that sun room windows are a very stylish addition to the right style of home, which would include all but a very few types of architecture. A window pane wall such as these is almost universal. You need only select the style that fits the structure of the house and of course, your budget. I have seen similar products advertised in magazines, but you have to think those are over priced in order to pay for their full page print ads.

  • Priscilla

    I really want a sunroom, I was telling my husband about the reader that left the comment about sunbathing in her home buy putting in a sunroom. And I think I might have peeked his interest in getting one now. I will give him your information so if he decides we can get one he will have your information. Thank you so much for your post.

  • Vivian

    I recently glanced through a book on a friends coffee table. The publication was called, Porches & Sunrooms: Your Guide to Planning and Remodeling. It is published by Better Homes and Gardens. I had been thinking about converting a wall to make the room a sun room. So I thought I might find some helpful tips. From the looks of this instructional guide, I would not dare attempt to take on such a complex and no doubt expensive do it yourself project. You can do it yourself, if you have extensive experience in carpentry and a few persons on your pay roll.

  • Young

    I have done a lot of research on this kind of remodeling and I have looked at a lot of books with blueprints and everything for this kind of project, so I am going to have to check out your web site a little more before I make a decision but from what I have seen so far your ideas and plans are more detailed and look like they would be better built.

  • Thomas

    If you are going to have a sunroom would you recommend tenting the windows? I noticed a picture of one on your banner at the top of your web page and it made me wonder, I thought you would want the natural light coming in, if anything put UV protection on them. I don’t know why you would want to tint them. It would make it hard to enjoy the night sky.

  • Lydia

    I finally talked my husband into letting me have sunroom, we are going to convert our deck into one. I have tons of plants and I want them to have plenty of sun from all sides plus I want a tranquil room to sit in and drink my coffee in the morning, what is better than watching the sunrise or set from an air conditioned sunroom?

  • Sheila

    If you live in Florida where the sun is closer and hotter and were going to have a sunroom, would you recommend tenting the windows? I thought you would want the natural light coming in, if anything put UV protection on them but then I was outside and felt the heat of the sun shining directly on me and it was really hot.

  • John

    A sunroom is a normalcy in California, I finally talked my husband into letting me have one, we are going to convert our deck . I have tons of plants, I want them to have plenty of sun from all sides plus I want a tranquil room to sit in and drink my coffee in the morning, what is better than watching the sunrise or set from an air conditioned sunroom with a big coffee?

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