Vinyl Siding – Is Viny Siding The Secret To A Great Looking Home?

vinyl siding 150x150Driving through a rich part of the neighborhood will reveal several things about the homes’ exteriors in the area. The first thing that people notice is that the exteriors of most upscale suburban homes look spotless. Another aspect that quickly grabs attention is that most of these homes, if not all, seem to have the option of unique colors and textures for their exteriors.  They also seem to have a certain appeal to them, simply because of the fact that their exteriors look wonderful. People who wonder why upscale houses have such an excellent look to their exteriors need not wonder anymore. The truth is that all of this is due to vinyl siding.

For a long time, having wasn’t a mark of the opulent lifestyles of the very wealthy. In fact, was considered to be a very cheap, and often low quality choice. For a while, this reputation was one that was actually earned, but the truth is that times have changed. Leaps and bounds made in the field of creation has made this unique house material one of the most sought after options of the wealthy. Moreover, a lot of the reason why rich folks love never would have been guessed, had it been only 20 years ago.

The main reason why vinyl siding is so popular among homeowners who want to increase their property value is that vinyl siding is now a selling point. Unlike metal siding, which can rust, vinyl siding never rusts, so there is no risk of your home looking like it is about to fall apart in a heap of rusty scrap. The fact that vinyl siding doesn’t rust also makes this a perfect choice for beach homes, since saltwater often encourages rust buildup on siding. Before vinyl siding, it was nearly impossible to find great siding for summer homes on the sandy shores!

Another reason why vinyl siding is quickly becoming de rigeur among construction enthusiasts is because it is durable, but surprisingly cheap. Vinyl siding lasts a lot longer than any other type of siding on the market, but due to the fact that technology necessary to make vinyl siding has improved, it is now much cheaper than other forms of siding. Sometimes, using vinyl siding can save you hundreds of dollars, especially since it’s uniquely easy to install.

Lastly, everyone appreciates the wide array of different colors, textures, and styles that vinyl siding comes in. It’s no longer the same standard plain white siding that you often assume it to be. You can always find a vinyl siding style and color that you will enjoy.

You can always bet that a wealthy person will enjoy the value, range of styles, and incredible durability that vinyl siding offers a home. If you want your home to have the same opulent look as the homes that you see featured on pages of magazines, you are going to need to take a hint from the very best when it comes to . You will need vinyl siding.

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20 Responses to Vinyl Siding – Is Viny Siding The Secret To A Great Looking Home?

  • Felicita

    I like that vinyl siding idea myself, does it ever have to be painted? Can it be painted if you want to change the color? Is it cheaper then comp siding? I thought your article was put together very well and I am definitely going to think about doing this to my house this summer. I will have to do some more research first however, thank you very much.

  • Teresa

    This is a great blog you had a lot of information in a very small article but it was put together very well. I really have never looked at vinyl siding before because just like you said the original concept of it was it was cheap. Now that I have seen the new quality of the siding I’m going to look into putting this on my house. What kind of colors do they have exactly?

  • Adam

    Although I have not seen any photo samples of this type of surface, I suppose vinyl siding can add curve appeal to a house. And since it apparently protects against the elements like the salt and moisture from the ocean, this seems to me like an ideal option for my home in South Florida, which happens to be located across the street from the beach. I would hope that the material is thick and durable.

  • Michael

    Someone told me about a Bostitch VSA4 Vinyl Siding Adaptor Kit he bought and said it works well. It is basically a replacement end for the RN46 that has about 3/16 shaved from the bottom of the tip. This allows you to set the tip of the gun on the locking flange and shoot. The tip also has a protrusion that fits in the slot but we grinded that off because the slots are wide enough to know when you are in them.

  • Robert

    My brick is an ugly, very light red, pink-ish salmon color on the 1st story.. I have white aluminum now (2nd story) and want to change my siding to perhaps take away from the ugly brick color. I think I’ve seen nearly every brand of vinyl siding introduced during the time I’ve spent researching on the net. I have never been more impressed than I’ve been with the newest category of the product known as insulated vinyl siding.

  • Kyle

    The one thing I am wondering about is whether vinyl siding is a replacement for wooden exteriors only? And while I am thinking about it, I wonder how many styles and types are available on the market. I tried to do a bit of research on the search engine and I searched for images as well. All I could find were a few styles, all of which look like wood textures. Thus, my initial question.

  • Josephine

    Until recently, I didn’t consider vinyl siding as a way to be able to hang stuff without damaging your wall. I found a set of 2 hooks which are designed exclusively for hanging items directly onto vinyl siding. It is called the Vinyl Siding S-Hook. It snaps in and removes easily with no more holes to drill and no damage to your siding. This hook worked just like it said it would. I was able to hang a wreath over the garage.

  • Wayne

    I recently saw the Georgia-Pacific Clay Vision Pro D5 Dutch-Lap Vinyl Siding. The color is very nice and I’m glad I went with the slightly more expensive Dutch style. The Color-through technology of this siding minimizes the appearance of nicks and scratches. Its durable and economical. Thanks to this, I will never need to paint or stain again. And by the way, it has a very warm and appealing color palette. So I guess consumers can have plenty of options.

  • Madeline

    Temperature fluctuation is a common occurrence in wood-frame exterior walls, which can cause heating and cooling bills to rise. In addition, air leakage or infiltration can account for 20 to 40 percent of the heat load requirements of a wood-framed building. Besides location, most people purchase homes the same way as they would buy a car – basing their decision on how much they can afford to pay each month. They often don’t factor in how much they’ll need to pay in utilities to heat and cool their homes. I wonder if vinyl siding help in this area.

  • Georgianna

    Vinyl siding is not for everyone. yet millions of American homeowners have decided that it’s exactly right for them. And if the substantial cost could be reduced, legions of others would surely follow. For those who are thinking about cutting the price of a vinyl siding installation, you’re better be willing to do the tedious work. Vinyl siding is sold by most home centers and comes with fairly complete instructions. The tool requirements are also modest.

  • Alice

    If I owned a barn in a corn field somewhere in the Midwest, I might be in the market for vinyl siding. Unless of course someone can show me some modern, contemporary style vinyl sidings for a modern house. So far, all I have found from doing research on the internet, is what looks to me like plain looking sidings that resemble wood. Are vinyl sidings simply a replacement for wood that is intended to look like wood?

  • Daniel

    This was a very interesting blog and I can tell that you know what you are talking about because being in the construction industry I can attest to the fact that vinyl has become the in thing for new homes and remodels. It is easy maintenance and you don’t have to paint it unless you absolutely want to. And it really isn’t that much more expensive when you put pencil to paper.

  • Donald

    You are absolutely right the age of vinyl siding has changed, the more wealthy people and he wealthy neighborhoods didn’t use to want vinyl siding on their homes because it looked cheap, this has shown them that is not the case anymore. I am looking at vinyl for my home this summer but I was wondering can it be painted later if you decide you want to change the color?

  • Guy

    I was going to repaint my house this summer but now I think I am going to use vinyl siding instead. Do you have to ever paint it? If they put vinyl on for siding and it doesn’t need painted then what do they use on the eaves and around the windows as trim? Do they have vinyl pieces for that as well? I am going to have to do some more research on this.

  • Robert

    If you replace your siding with vinyl siding do you have to replace your windows as well? I love some of the colors that they have in the vinyl siding and I can’t wait to get ours this spring. And if it never has to be painted or replaced that is awesome. I was considering replacing my windows as well but I didn’t know if I really had to. Can you let me know?

  • Wendell

    I was watching, for the first time, the reality TV show, “Flip This House, which airs on the A & E network, and I was fascinated by how well these real estate investors remodel and renovate properties that look nothing at all like the finished (or flipped) house. After watching several episodes, each of which feature two houses under renovation, not once did I see a single instance of their using vinyl sidings, but this could be because they are trying to maximize the value of the homes.

  • Mary

    I never did understand the stigma the rich people had with vinyl siding. It looks great and you don’t have to paint it, I don’t even think it fades with age and it won’t chip and peel away or break. I am getting vinyl siding this summer instead of painting my house. I think it is great that you have posted this information and pointed out the stigma that it used to have.

  • Thomas

    I think it is great that you pointed out first thing in your blog how the rich are such snobs they don’t even want to have vinyl siding on their houses even though it may be more efficient than other siding. I am seriously looking into it for my house because I want something that doesn’t need painted anymore. Thank you for the information it will be helpful when I start shopping around.

  • Angelina

    I watched the A & E channel on Saturday when Flip Boston was on. And on one of the episodes, vinyl siding was featured during the remodeling of an old style Massachusetts home. The two business partners, who are almost always arguing during the restoration process, got into a heated argument when one of the guys applied some vinyl siding over or under the wood that the other guy spent much time and energy building.

  • Deborah

    You don’t have to replace your windows when you replace your siding with vinyl do you? My house was beat up pretty bad in a hail storm last year and I want to get vinyl siding to replace the comp. stuff that is on it. I like the windows though and don’t want to replace them. If you could answer that question for me I would greatly appreciate it.

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